General terms and conditions 


Here you can read the General Terms and Conditions that apply to all purchases made at SOinFLOW in the studio or via the webshop.


SOinFLOW is the trade name of goldsmith and visual artist Sofie Stal. She is engaged in, among other things, the design, manufacture, sale and repair of jewelry and objects, usually, but not exclusively, of precious metal.



SOinFLOW offers unique, handmade jewelry and objects.

Due to the craftsmanship, small differences can arise between jewelry that is the same at first glance. Sizes, weights, images, drawings, technical and / or chemical specifications, color differences are approximate. The offer contains as much as possible a precise description of the products offered and the images are shown as truthfully as possible. SOinFLOW is not bound by obvious mistakes or errors in the offer.


Intellectual property

The designs, drawings, calculations, descriptions, models and other delivered and eligible services manufactured or provided by SOinFLOW remain the intellectual property of SOinFLOW, regardless of whether costs have been charged. Reproduction or publication of these is not permitted without prior permission from SOinFLOW.




After receiving the order and payment, your order will be processed as soon as possible. We do our best to confirm your order within three days.



Jewelry can also be purchased by appointment in the studio.


Bespoke jewelry: 

After having discussed your wishes in detail, you will receive an offer from us by e-mail. The offer is valid for six weeks. After acceptance of the offer you will receive an invoice from us for a down payment of 50% of the agreed price.


Payment and Price

In the webshop you can pay via Ideal, paypall or via advance payment. Or you can pay in the studio with debit card or cash. All prices are in euros and include 9% VAT.


For bespoke jewelry, you will receive an invoice for 50% of the manufacturing costs after approval of the design and an invoice for the remaining 50% upon delivery of the jewelry.



Delivery and shipping

Each item is carefully packed for shipping. The shipment is registered, insured and a signature is required upon receipt.

Orders via the webshop are shipped within 2 days after payment.

As soon as we send your package you will receive a tracking number from us via your e-mail, so that you can track the package.


The shipping costs:

We charge € 9, - shipping costs within the Netherlands.

Shipping in Europe we charge 25, - euro shipping costs.

Shipping outside Europe 35, - euro shipping costs.

For those countries where this applies, the customer is responsible for any import costs.



If you want to cancel an order, you must do this as soon as possible. Do this via email Canceling your order is only possible if it has not yet been shipped.

Bespoke jewelry orders cannot be canceled after approval of the customer. If you definitely do not want to take the order anymore, then the costs that have already been made will be charged. If an agreement has been made for the design and manufacture of a specific object or piece of jewelry and you no longer wish SOinFLOW to proceed with the manufacture, you are entitled to unilaterally dissolve the agreement between the parties. However, you must then pay the incurred costs by SOinFLOW up to that time, including the costs of the design.



The jewelry is made with a lot of love, care, dedication and craftsmanship. If you are nevertheless not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it unused, unworn and undamaged in their original condition and in their original packaging within 14 working days by registered post.

This does not apply to bespoke jewelry.

The period starts when the customer receives the order.


You must ensure that the product with receipt or a proof of purchase is sufficiently stamped and returned within the stipulated period.

If a product is returned damaged, the customer is only entitled to the residual value of the product. In case of damage, the repair costs will be charged to the customer.

The costs for the return shipment are therefore for the account of the customer. Damage caused by loss of a shipped product will not be reimbursed by SOinFLOW. The risk and liability of the return shipment are entirely for the customer. When SOinFLOW receives the product in the condition as described here and on time, the purchase amount will be refunded within approximately 14 days.

Return shipments must be made known in advance via The costs and insurance of the return shipment are for your own account. This also applies to items sent to us for repair. Send the package by registered mail with the invoice and your name and address details to:


Sofie Stal

Surinamestraat 12

9715 PV Groningen

The Netherlands


After we have received the item in good order, you will be refunded the purchase amount excluding shipping costs to your account.

The trial period does not apply to jewelry that is specially made or custom designed for the customer and therefore does not fall within the standard range. Bespoke jewelry products, which are not prefabricated and which are manufactured based on an individual choice and / or on your decision, or which are clearly intended for a specific person, cannot be returned.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you must let us know within two weeks. We can then look for a solution together. 



All jewelry has 6 months warranty on material or construction defects.

In any case, defects are excluded from the warranty, which occur in or are wholly or partly the result of:

- the non-observance by the purchaser of use and maintenance instructions or other than the foreseen normal use;

- damage caused by neglect or abuse.

- normal wear and tear. Wear and tear on jewelry is quite normal. It can also give a piece of jewelry something beautiful and character.

- adjust and / or repair by third parties, including the buyer;

- materials or goods that have been provided by the buyer to the seller for adjusting and / or processing, including stones provided for setting;

- materials, items, working methods and constructions, insofar as applied at the express instruction of the buyer, as well as materials and items supplied by or on behalf of the buyer.

- wear on gemstone / diamond settings and breakage or loss of gemstones and diamonds. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to determine what caused damage. All stones that SOinFLOW uses are natural gemstones. Inclusions can be seen in natural stones. This is part of their beauty. If a stone is lost due to bent, damaged, or worn out prongs, SOinFLOW is not responsible for the replacement of the stone or the fixing of the prongs. As with any piece of jewelry, you need to be careful. If you lose a central stone, such as a diamond, you must approach your own insurance company. Jewelry with precious stones or diamonds in legs is extra fragile. We recommend that you occasionally feel for movement by rubbing the stone and having the prong setting of the jewelry with gemstones or diamonds checked once a year.

In addition to the normal goldsmith work, SOinFLOW also makes jewelry in which aesthetics or artistry are preferred over wearability. The customer must estimate how and when to wear the jewelry to prevent damage.



If you want to offer jewelry for repair, please contact SOinFLOW first.

Antique or old jewelry offered for repair may not be repairable by us. This can only be determined in the studio.

For items purchased in other stores, SOinFLOW recommends returning to the store where it was purchased for repair.


Risk and transfer of ownership in repair

The repair of certain fragile jewelry carries the risk that the jewelry supplied by the customer will be damaged and become unusable as a result of the damage. Because the risk cannot be borne by SOinFLOW in reasonableness and fairness, an order can only be accepted under the express condition that the customer does not hold or considers SOinFLOW liable in the event of damage and / or the object becoming unusable.

When depositing a piece of jewelry, we do our utmost to behave as a good custodian. Damage or loss of jewelry as a result of situations that can be qualified as force majeure situations cannot be borne by SOinFLOW. Force majeure situations include: burglary, robbery, disappearance during shipment.

Ownership of a piece of jewelry to be delivered by SOinFLOW will only transfer to the customer when all the amount owed by the customer in respect of deliveries or work has been paid in full to SOinFLOW.

If the agreement between SOinFLOW and the customer relates to the repair of a piece of jewelry and the customer fails to fulfill his payment obligation, SOinFLOW has a right of retention with regard to the piece of jewelry to be repaired. This right of retention lapses as soon as the consumer has paid the costs of the repair, as well as the interest and the costs of safekeeping.



All products supplied by SOinFLOW remain the property of SOinFLOW until the customer has paid the full amount due.


Exceptional circumstances

Exceptional circumstances or case of force majeure means that there are circumstances in which SOinFLOW cannot, not timely or properly perform its work and / or deliver products, without SOinFLOW being to blame. In the event of force majeure, there is no attributable shortcoming of SOinFLOW.

Force majeure is for example: fire, theft, unforeseen problems during production or transport, severe weather, situations of actual inaccessibility of the work, changes in regulations and shortcomings in the fulfillment by a supplier of SOinFLOW.

In the event of force majeure, SOinFLOW may suspend the performance of the agreement or (partially) dissolve the agreement without having to pay compensation to you. If the force majeure lasts longer than 60 consecutive days, you may terminate the agreement in writing. SOinFLOW will then not owe you any compensation.



SOinFLOW cannot be held liable for damage. Not even if this damage is directly or indirectly related to delay or suspension. SOinFLOW is only liable if the damage is due to intent or deliberate recklessness.

If SOinFLOW is liable, this liability is limited to the amount of the order, which is related to the delivered products.

If you are sued by a third party for compensation for damage, you cannot submit this claim to SOinFLOW.

The information on the internet site is compiled and maintained by SOinFLOW with constant care and attention. Errors cannot always be prevented. Therefore, no rights can be derived in any way from the information offered on the website. SOinFLOW accepts no liability for damage in any way resulting from the use of the internet site or from the incompleteness and / or inaccuracy of the information provided on the internet site.

SOinFLOW accepts no liability for damage and / or injury through the use of SOinFLOW's jewelry or objects. Some objects and jewelry made by SOinFLOW should be worn with caution.


Complaints / disputes

Are you not satisfied with our services? We would appreciate it if you let us know first so that we can take your complaint seriously. To ensure that we can handle the complaint properly, the complaint must be submitted to SOinFLOW within two months after you have become aware of the complaint. We do our utmost to solve this.

With regard to the settlement of disputes, in addition to the court that has jurisdiction according to the law, the absolutely competent court in the canton or district where the company SOinFLOW is located will also have jurisdiction.

Dutch law applies to all agreements and these general terms and conditions and actions resulting from them.


Changes to the general terms and conditions

SOinFLOW can always, without prior notification, change the general conditions.

SOinFLOW may announce changes to these terms by posting them on its website or communicating otherwise. It is therefore advisable to check the conditions from time to time. Changes also apply to existing agreements.



All prices and information on this site are subject to errors and changes. SOinFLOW makes every effort to ensure that the information on this website is as complete and accurate as possible and cannot be held liable for errors.