Meet the maker

Sofie Stal is a jewelry designer, visual artist and goldsmith. She works from her studio in the city of Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. She creates her work under the name SOinFLOW, according to the feeling she has when she is designing, creating and discovering.


With love, craftsmanship and drive, Sofie makes unique, handmade jewelry and objects that are slightly different. She values artistic and creativ freedom above goldsmithing conventions. As it comes to the end goal, it is creating something significantly valuable for the customer. Sofie appropriates more freedom in design and more space to experiment. This creates surprising and exciting designs. Her jewelry carries (sometimes hidden) stories. Thus, they become small wearable works of art. She works with different materials, such as silver, gold, but sometimes also applications with precious stones, glass, wood, recycled and found materials.


Her inspiration for her work can come from anywhere, which is a process that is constantly changing. For example, inspiration can come from the awakening of nature after a harsh winter. And sometimes she draws inspiration from modern architecture or textures and patterns from a certain style period.


Her work is characterized by simple, often sharp and organic shapes. Her work is elegant and refined, but usually with a rough edge. She likes subtle contrasts and that is reflected in her work. A good example of this are the earrings where the cuffs are roughened and blackened with a silver satin polished leaf-shaped pendant underneath it.